The Music:

"Both being classically trained musicians and experienced songwriters/producers, there are no limits to what we create. No matter the difficulty of the riff, melody, or piece, we can execute it, write it, and hence, own it. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the norm. Every song we make is truly by JeL. There are no ghost producers, nor are there external songwriters. We are honest-to-God, real musicians! We always start with a piano vocal. This has proven to be the most honest way to hear a song. With some simple logic, we apply the same for writing a song. Once we have set our chords, tempo, key, and melody, we begin on the production. When we produce, we split up for a brief period and explore separate avenues, after which we reconvene and compare. We often combine what we make before taking it the rest of the way. Obviously, this is an over simplification of how we work. What we are trying to say is that we strive to be nothing other than ourselves and we are willing to wait and see where that will take us."


- JeL